Publications 2014

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Jackson, W. J., Paterson, A., Pong, C. & Scarparo, S., 2014, Cash Limits, Hospital Prescribing and Shrinking Medical Jurisdication, Financial Accountability and Management, Vol. 30, 4, p. 403 - 429.

Ndiweni, E. & Verhoeven, H., 2014, Transforming or Re-Branding: Whither Management Accounting?, International Journal of Critical Accounting, Vol. 6, No. 1, 2014, p.79-99.

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Yasmin, S., Haniffa, R. & Hudaib, M., 2014, Communicated Accountability by Faith-Based Charity Organisations, Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 122, 1, p. 103 - 123.

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Research Interests: the business environment and economic growth, emerging and transition economies, economic history, applied econometrics
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Research Interests: environmental and sustainability accounting in the Middle East and from an Islamic perspective, accounting for society - from critical Muslim intellectuals perspectives, Islamic finance for the elimination of poverty among Muslim women
Position: Dr.
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Research Interests: gender issues in the accountancy profession, public sector accounting and health care management, history of accounting as it interfaces with medical practice, gender issues in the accountancy profession, accounting for society and the environment